Senegal – Bibles for Persecuted Christians (3-4-004)

Distribution:1,000 Audio Bible Players & 4,000 Digital Bibles on MicroSDs for Discipleship and Evangelism
Funding Total:$27,300

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 3-4-004 to support this project

In Senegal, a nation brimming with close to 16.9 million people, there is a burning
opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of its communities. While over 96% of the population follows Islam, there exists a small but dedicated Christian community comprising merely three percent of the general populace.
However, they face a significant obstacle: limited access to printed Bibles due to
prevailing illiteracy rates and the challenges of a predominantly rural culture. By
providing Audio and Digital Bibles in various local languages, we can empower
this passionate Christian minority and, in turn, uplift the entire nation. The
sustainability of the church in Senegal hinges upon the people’s access to Biblical resources. These resources have the potential to not only sustain the church but see it grow as they reach the lost in Senegal.

High unemployment, juvenile delinquency, and the scourge of drug addiction
plague urban areas, leaving many families torn apart and unable to care for their
children. Heartbreakingly, these youngsters, known as talibés, are sold to Muslim
leaders, who mistreat them, forcing the children into street begging. The Gospel and God’s Word possess an unparalleled power to bring comfort and
transformation to these young lives, restoring their sense of dignity and purpose.

The pastoral heartlands of rural Senegal present yet another ripe opportunity.
Here, shepherds spend long, solitary hours tending to their flocks. The Word of God in their native tongues can fill the void and provide the spiritual sustenance
they need.

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 3-4-004 to support this project or to find out more.

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