Revival in Uganda: How Village Players Help Spread the Gospel

As the sun-worn path winds its way through a dusty mountain village, Kintu* defies any notion of disability. Despite facing cerebral palsy from a young age, he is propelled by an unwavering obedience to the call of Jesus Christ to make disciples. Equipped with a newfound tool known as the Village Player, he embarks on a transformative mission – to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have yet to hear it. *Name changed for privacy 

Arriving at the village, Kintu carefully places the Village Player on an old tree stump. The Word of God, spoken in the local tongue, summons the villagers, their hearts softened with each verse of Scripture. Remarkably, they engage Kintu, seeking to know more about the Jesus they have heard of through the Village Player. 

Over the span of two years, aided by Village Players, the Gospel has spread like a powerful rain, drenching the remote and secluded mountainous areas of Uganda that had remained untouched by its message until now. The power of hearing the Bible in their native language has led countless souls to embrace Jesus as their Savior. Kintu, alongside other devoted missionaries, fearlessly ventures into the distant corners, where thousands now hear and embrace the transformative message of the Gospel. Witnessing this unprecedented awakening, Karamoja, Uganda, is experiencing a revival.

Pictured above: Karamajong villagers listen to the Word of God in their heart language through a
Village Player Audio Bible. These are believers preparing to take the Gospel to their regions.

The accounts of salvation and transformation reached the ears of Rebekah Mullen, director of the Mission Moroto orphanage, who was stirred by the profound impact of the Gospel in these far-flung regions. She joins her father in the momentous task of baptizing 150 souls in a single day, a testament to the impact of the Bible in the language of the people.

As more local missionaries and pastors venture forth, carrying the Village Players to even more distant locales, the transformative influence of the Gospel becomes undeniable. Moved by the unyielding demand for baptism, Rebekah implores her father’s help, and on this occasion, 500 souls are baptized.

Pictured above: Our partners on the field, a father and daughter duo consisting of Matthew
and Rebekah Bullen, baptize hundreds of Ugandans in the river near the minstry’s orphanage.

What followed was nothing short of astounding. On May 19, 2023, outside the Bullen’s ministry complex, 250 Karamojong people, hailing from remote villages, gathered on the dusty ground, having undertaken arduous journeys, all in their pursuit to embrace Jesus and be baptized. Drawn by the tales of life-altering changes experienced by fellow villagers, they yearn to experience the same spiritual transformation for themselves.

Their whole life changed and we want what they have

Villagers from Uganda’s Karamoja Region

In a powerfully profound moment of prayer, locals and visitors alike convene within the church building, seeking God’s presence. Entire communities, who have rarely ventured beyond their own villages, have now journeyed for miles to hear the Word of God.

Pictured above: Villagers who have traveled from the Karamoja Region of Uganda prepare a
meal outside of the church compound and ministry run by the Bullen family.

There was not an inch of space on the floor.

Matt Bullen

Through the night, they remain steadfast, immersed in prayer and teachings of the Gospel. As if this was not already a sign of God’s power, the heavens open up, delivering a torrential rainstorm, breaking a two-year drought. It is a resounding sign of divine blessing. Rejoicing in this gift, the villagers shout and praise God.

The heavens were opened and the drought was over.

Sunday dawns with a sense of profound purpose. In an act of deep commitment to the villagers’ newfound faith, Matt and Rebekah Bullen lead 700 individuals to the nearby stream, where the waters bear witness to their declaration of allegiance to Jesus Christ. The embrace of baptism transcends the physical realm, symbolizing the profound spiritual awakening sweeping through these lands.

Such is the overwhelming impact of the Village Players that local pastors, awestruck by the magnitude of this revival, have approached Matt Bullen, requesting more of these miraculous tools. The Village Players have become a catalyst for change, ushering in a spiritual transformation that transcends borders and barriers, igniting hope and faith where there was once only darkness.

The big ones; we need more. We need more because that’s what’s doing this. 

Local Pastors from Uganda
Pictured above: Pastors and church leaders gather for a joyous occasion – the handing out of
Pearl and Village Audio Bible Players in their native languages.

In the rugged and remote corners of Uganda’s mountains, a demonstration of perseverance, unity, and unwavering faith continues to unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of all who bear witness. Through the dedication of missionaries like Kintu and the Bullen family, the Gospel radiates like a beacon of hope, reaching the farthest corners and breathing new life into the souls of countless believers. As the Village Players continue to echo the Word of God in the local language, the future beckons with hope, and the flames of faith burn ever brighter.

It is my 41st year in ministry and I have never seen anything like this.

Matt Bullen






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