Indonesia – Audio Bibles and Bible Libraries for Believers in Flores, Indonesia (1-4-001)

Distribution:10,000 Audio Bible Players & 1,500 Digital Bibles on MicroSDs for Discipleship and Evangelism
Funding Total:$227,850

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 1-4-001 to support this project.

Despite being part of the most populous Muslim country in the world, as a result of past Dutch and Portuguese influence, 90% of Flores residents claim to be Catholic. News reports call the island of Flores a happy place for Christians and Muslims to co-exist. In reality, Christians are under constant pressure to adopt Muslim rules and to conform to syncretist views. This is further aggravated by a culture deeply rooted in animism and the fact that Flores is one of Indonesia’s most impoverished islands, resulting in disastrously high illiteracy rates. 

These factors have led many in Flores to view the Gospel as a set of traditions rather than a surrender to Christ. Christians need God’s Word in their language and in audio/video format to understand what it means to follow Jesus amidst the rising pressure to succumb to Islamic and secular worldviews. 

Our partners have built strong relationships with churches in Flores and are ready to place the Word of God in the hands of the people. Digital Bibles will allow these indigenous groups to understand and engage with the truth of Jesus Christ.

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 1-4-001 to support this project or to find out more.






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