A Kotipaca Woman From Venezuela Sees Jesus Through Digital Bibles

Upon entering a Kotipaca indigenous village, the missionaries heard of a woman who was the niece of a shaman. She had been told about Jesus by a local believer and seemed interested.

Due to illness, this woman is losing her eyesight and the team knew that she would benefit from a Digital Bible. When they visited her, she began to weep and told them that she had been depressed for months and had cried out to God telling Him that she was hopeless and needed Him to intervene. The team presented her with a digital Bible and played it from speakers they had set up outside.

“The digital Bibles were exactly what I needed.”

She was in tears when she heard the Bible in her language. This woman had not been able to read a Bible and desperately wanted to connect with God. She decided to accept Jesus as her Savior because she knew in that moment that He is real and had answered her prayers.






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