Digital Bibles for Asian People Groups in Texas

Place: Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Goals of Distribution: For many years, the Rio Grande Valley area’s foreign-born population mostly consisted of Latin Americans. This has changed over the last decade, as more Asians relocate to the United States. Leaders of 6 different churches gathered together to scout the Rio Grande Valley area for an outreach program. The Digital Bible Libraries served as an entry point for ministry among Asian communities.

Delivery & Distribution Summary

Friends of Digital Bible Society who serve in various churches throughout Texas met in the Rio Grande Valley to connect with foreign-born individuals. They were sent microSD cards with digital Bibles to open the door for conversation about Christ. The leaders visited several businesses and handed out the digital Bibles. They were also given Digital Bible Libraries to take back to their churches and use for further outreach to the community. 

In the Fall of 2021, the Governor of Texas sent thousands of members of the National Guard to the USA-Mexico border in an attempt to tighten down on drug and human trafficking. During this time, many of the National Guard were placed in hotels throughout the area. Among these hotels was one owned by a Pakistani businessman. Since this man considers himself a modern Muslim, he is open to Christianity and allowed chaplains to enter the hotel to hold programs with the National Guard. Among these chaplains was a Hispanic pastor. Soon, a friendship began that led to a meeting in February where the team of pastors gave this Pakistani businessman a digital Bible.

In talks with the Pakistani businessman, our partner found out that this man values intellect and education. This means that he considers himself to be on a journey towards discovering truth. The Hispanic pastor saw this as an opportunity for the team to engage in conversation with him and encourage him to continue searching for truth by reading and listening to the Bible in his language. 

Although the Pakistani businessman has not yet decided to follow Christ, we know that God’s Word does not return void. It is our prayer that, as people receive the Word of God, their hearts will become open and ready to call Jesus their Lord and Savior. 






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