India – Audio Bibles for New Believers in India (1-1-001A)

Distribution:1,200 Audio Bible Players for Discipleship and Evangelism
Funding Total:$36,000

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 1-1-001A to support this project.

Violent torture is one of the many tactics used by Hindu extremists to force new followers of Christ to abandon their faith and return to a religion of oppression and darkness. Generational poverty and pervasive illiteracy aggravate this persecution, leaving new believers vulnerable as they try to believe in God’s goodness.

Despite the persistence of extremists and the social isolation that often accompanies walking with Jesus, millions of people in the Indian state of Odisha are choosing to follow Christ. The need for audio Bibles has become more evident than ever. Miracles are being witnessed, yet the Scriptures are needed to strengthen new disciples

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 1-1-001A for more information.






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