Children Amazed At Bible Stories In Their Language: A Story From The Amazon

Our partners began a missionary training base in the Venezuelan state of Bolivar, on the borders of the Amazon rainforest. We sent them Audio Bibles and MicroSD Digital Bible Libraries for a scouting and outreach trip to various indigenous villages in their region. These villages are deep in the jungle and the team had to travel by road, boat, and walk several miles.

Among the villages visited was a Wotuja community. Entering this community was difficult because of the Wotuja mistrust of outsiders. Fortunately, there was a believer in the community that was willing to serve as the translator and as a point of contact for them to begin a relationship with the people.

The team held services with the children in the village and performed skits based on Bible stories. They had prepared prior to arriving by listening to the songs in Wotuja that were loaded onto the Audio Bibles. Having learnt the songs in the Wotuja language, they sang them to the kids. The children were surprised to hear these outsiders singing in their own language.

At the end of the service, the team played portions of the Bible and asked the children to listen. The kids were amazed and sat in complete silence as they heard God’s Word in their language for the first time. Many of them chose to receive Christ as their Savior!

Audio Bibles open up the way for connections that would otherwise be impossible to make. Join us in praying that God would transform the Wotuja community and many others through the work of missionaries and the use of Digital Bible resources.






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