Amazon, South America – Part of 3,000 Bibles to the Area

Countries Involved: Undisclosed, countries in the top 40 listed on the World Watch List

Products Distributed: 1,000 Print Bibles

Details: Our partners have been ministering to indigenous tribes in the Amazon for 21 years. They have worked with local churches and hold ongoing outreach programs in the area.  

Goals of Distribution: Christian indigenous communities in the Amazon face persecution from both the armed forces that are trying to gain power in the countries of the area and members of their indigenous group who see them as brining bad luck due to their conversion. They need God’s Word to strengthen their faith and be encouraged. This is being accomplished through this distribution.

Testimony: Frequent flooding along the Amazon River made it difficult to ensure the safe arrival of the resources, taken via canoe and boat. Despite some delays, all the Bibles arrived safely and distribution has begun. We are grateful for God’s protection of these valuable resources for the people of the Amazon.






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