Tarahumara Believers become Missionaries

Located on a small plateau at over 8,000 feet, Centro Cristiano Tarahumara is a missionary training base located in the Sierra Madre Mountains in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico. Overlooking the small town of Creel, the center was founded in 1994 with the vision of serving the Tarahumara communities by evangelism, training and mercy ministries.

The founder’s dream was to raise Tarahumara missionaries to go to new places to take the message of the Gospel. After almost 30 years of faithful work, this dream is becoming a reality. Digital Bible Society is blessed to partner with the the center in sending Tarahumara missionaries to new uncharted territories in the mountains.

A Tarahumara woman

In September of 2019, Digital Bible Society and Centro Cristiano Tarahumara signed an agreement to have a copying and distribution center to serve the need for Bible access in that part of the Tarahumara mountains.

Interest in Digital Bibles is increasing in this part of Mexico, as many people have access to mobile smart phones. A Digital Bible Seminar was conducted for pastors and leaders from the area, and since that time, the center has been copying and distributing digital Bibles to towns and communities in that region.

Another real need is for Audio Bible Players, loaded with the Tarahumara New Testament, but the cost for these is higher than MicroSDs, and the people cannot afford them. For this reason, the Digital Bible Society and its partners take every opportunity to provide Audio Bible Players to these communities.

In response to this need, DBS returned in March, 2020, to encourage the workers there and to bring Audio Bibles for a specific distribution deep into the mountains. Three Tarahumara missionaries were being sent to a remote area of the Sierra Madre Mountains. On March 17, Digital Bible Society and Centro Cristiano Tarahumara met for prayer and preparation. The next day, the missionaries started the journey to Cumbre de Durazno to share the Gospel and distribute Audio Bibles in that community.

A Tarhumara church gathering for prayer

“This is a virgin territory” says Manuel, one of the missionaries being sent, “not even the Catholic church has a presence there. The people are open and hungry to hear about the Creator God and his son Jesus”.

Manuel is one of the fruits from the work of Centro Cristiano. He came to the Lord back in the early 1990s, and is now leading other Tarahumara believers from his community to serve as missionaries to other parts of the mountains.

“These audio Bibles will help a lot to serve the people of these remote communities where we are going. While we are not there with them, as we come back for supplies (several days journey across a Canyon), they can continue to listen to the Word of God and grow in their faith”, Manuel says with excitement.






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