CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO — Tarahumara Believers Sent Out as Missionaries

Located on a small plateau at over 8,000 feet, Centro Cristiano Tarahumara is a missionary training base located in the Sierra Madre Mountains in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico.  Overlooking the small town of Creel, the center was founded in 1994 with the vision of serving the Tarahumara communities by evangelism, training and mercy ministries.

The founder’s dream was to raise Tarahumara missionaries to go to new places to take the message of the Gospel.  After almost 30 years of faithful work, this dream is becoming a reality.  Digital Bible Society is blessed to partner with the the center in sending Tarahumara missionaries to new uncharted territories in the mountains.

Director of Centro Christiano Tarahumara shares at seminar.

In September of 2019, Digital Bible Society and Centro Cristiano Tarahumara signed an agreement to have a copying and distribution center to serve the need for Bible access in that part of the Tarahumara mountains. Interest in Digital Bibles is increasing in this part of Mexico, as many people have access to mobile smart phones. A Digital Bible Seminar was conducted for pastors and leaders from the area, and since that time, the center has been copying and distributing digital Bibles to towns and communities in that region.

Another real need is for Audio Bible Players, loaded with the Tarahumara New Testament, but the cost for these is higher than MicroSDs, and the people cannot afford them.   For this reason, the Digital Bible Society and its partners take every opportunity to provide Audio Bible Players to these communities.

In response to this need, DBS returned in March, 2020, to encourage the workers there and to bring Audio Bibles for a specific distribution deep into the mountains. Three Tarahumara missionaries were being sent to a remote area of the Sierra Madre Mountains. On March 17, Digital Bible Society and Centro Cristiano Tarahumara met for prayer and preparation. The next day, the missionaries started the journey to Cumbre de Durazno to share the Gospel and distribute Audio Bibles in that community.

“This is a virgin territory” says Manuel, one of the missionaries being sent, “not even the Catholic church has a presence there. The people are open and hungry to hear about the Creator God and his son Jesus”.

Manuel is one of the fruits from the work of Centro Cristiano. He came to the Lord back in the early 1990s, and is now leading other Tarahumara believers from his community to serve as missionaries to other parts of the mountains.

“These audio Bibles will help a lot to serve the people of these remote communities where we are going. While we are not there with them, as we come back for supplies (several days journey across a Canyon), they can continue to listen to the Word of God and grow in their faith” Manuel says with excitement.

MAZATLÁN, MEXICO — A Bible In Every Home

In early March, DBS traveled to Mazatlán, Mexico to accompany a group of YWAM missionaries and students distributing Bibles in a local neighborhood. Knocking on each door and asking if they would want to receive a free Bible, there were many opportunities for prayer and Gospel sharing with the people.

Victor was reached for Christ.

One team shared with Victor, who recently moved to Mazatlán from his native Guadalajara. Victor received a digital Bible with joy and shared how, although he was going through a hard time, he knew God would help him.  Even though Victor believed in God, he did not fully understand what Jesus had done for him on the cross.  After hearing a clear presentation of the gospel, Victor prayer to surrender his life to Christ.  

Local believers will continue to meet Victor and help him engage with the Word of God so he can grow in his newfound faith.

Digital Bible Society has been partnering with YWAM Mazatlán in a project called Biblias para Mexico (Bibles for Mexico). The vision is to see a Bible in every home in Mexico so that each household has access to the eternal words of God. Although Mexico, as a country, has access to the Bible, most people do not take the initiative to seek the Scriptures for themselves. Biblias para Mexico mobilizes the local body of Christ to share the Scriptures in their own neighborhoods and to seek opportunities for prayer and further engagement.

YWAM Mazatlán – Prayer and worship in preparation for outreach.

Juan Carlos, founder and catalyst of the project, says: “Reading and engaging with the Bible changed my life and outlook on life. Starting in my city, I want to see that all of Mexico has the opportunity that I had of reading the Bible and being set free by the power of the Gospel”

So far, Biblias para Mexico project has seen 39,454 printed Bibles shared in about 60 of the local neighborhoods. They also have begun to distribute MicroSDs loaded with Spanish Treasures Libraries. These libraries include text Bibles, commentaries and books, as well as audio Bibles, Bible Films, and more. During the yearly local Carnival, Biblias para Mexico gives away free coffee and these Spanish Treasure Libraries. They also gift these digital Bibles to students.

Dark areas represent neighborhoods covered with the Bible.

“Having a Bible in each home is an aspect of justice, having the Word of God is a given right for all people” says Juan Carlos. Biblias para Mexico seeks to ensure that all families in the country of Mexico have first-hand access to the Word of God in their own language.

Megan’s WORLD RACE – 11 Nations in 11 Months

In the Fall of 2019, Megan Gabrielse completed her World Race.

DBS partnered with her by sending Audio Bible Players and USB thumb drives in all of the languages of the countries she would be traveling to during this 11-month missionary journey.  The nations were Columbia, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, India, Nepal, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, and Spain.

In December, Megan was able to visit the DBS office and share a few stories of how these resources were able to impact the lives of those who received them.

One of these stories took place in Columbia, where she was able to see the impact first-hand of the gift of an Audio Bible Player to an older Christian couple, Miguel and LuzMarina, who had never learned to read. When they realized that this small, solar powered device would enable them to listen to the New Testament in their own language in their own home each day, they both began to weep with tears of joy and gratitude.  (See the video at the end of this post.)

When the team traveled to Argentina, they were able to share Digital Bible resources with a family that runs a Children’s home that rescues kids of all ages.  They were very grateful to receive the Audio Bible and Spanish Treasures USB drive.

In Nepal, Megan’s team was able to visit a small mountain home of an older couple that were new Christians.  Over a fire in the middle of the dirt floor, they made tea for Megan and her team (and their interpreter).  After visiting together, she learned that they were experiencing direct persecution from their Buddhist family members.  She also learned that the woman had never been able to read well, and that the husband was losing his eyesight.

Megan was so grateful to be able to pull out the Nepalese Audio Bible and give it to them, explaining through the interpreter how this would allow them to listen to the Words of God every day in the safety of their home.

She later found out that they both lay in bed that very night and began listening to the scriptures together.  Megan was so blessed knowing that this couple now has God’s Word to strengthen and encourage them as they walk out their new faith in the face of challenges and persecution.

These stories are at the heart of why the Digital Bible Society exists… to ensure that people everywhere, in every language, have access to God’s Word.    

ASSAM, INDIA – Digital Bible Resources for Pastors

14 years ago, a Houston area pastor formed a mentoring relationship with an India man from the state of Assam.  He encouraged and supported this man as he planted a church in that region.

Through faithful prayer and labor, the Word of God has multiplied, and there are now 85 house churches that are led by an organic network of church planters — all of them under the mentoring  of the Texas pastor (name and picture not published for his safety), who travels twice a year to India to encourage and support them in their work.

In December of 2019, he went to India bearing gifts of digital Bible resources… over 100 Bible Libraries representing four languages: Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, and Rajbongshi.  Each of these libraries contained text, audio and video Bible content that was loaded onto MicroSDs and USB flash drives to be accessed on smart phones, tablets or computers.

These libraries included the new LUMO video series, which presents all four Gospels with word for-word scriptures.  These films were produced specifically for the propose of making a high quality resource that is easily translated into the languages of the world.

Date:  December, 2019
Resources Distributed:
37 Hindi Library w/ HindiLUMO
36 Bengali Library w/ Bengali LUMO
17 Assamese Libraries w/LUMO
  8 Rajbongshi w/ Bengal LUMO and GRN Stories

AMAZON BASIN, ECUADOR – Bibles for Minority People Groups

People groups in the Amazon river basin of Ecuador are receiving the Word of God in their own language.

Digital Bible Society is partnering with ABEL (Latin American Evangelical Biblical Alliance) to reach out to the minority people groups in that region.  This effort is called the Latin America People Groups Project.

Santiago Bustos leads a Digital Bible Society extension office in Quito, and he also works with ABEL.  Santiago has coordinated the translating of Bible studies based on the Gospel of John into the Shuar and Achuar languages.

The Gospel of John and these accompanying Bible Studies were then printed for the Shuar and Achuar people (for a total of 4,000 copies).

Translation has begun on Bible study lessons for five more minority languages: Quichua, Pastaza, Tsachila, Secoya, and Cofán.  These will be printed with the Gospel of John as well.

A second aspect of the People Groups Project is the forming of discipleship centers among these ethnic groups.  This is primarily done through using digital Audio Bible Players and Digital Bible Libraries (containing text, audio and video resources.)  The printed Gospels of John  are also a key part of this discipleship effort.

This work is primarily funded through DBS, and we are excited to see how the digital Bible resources are helping make disciples among the minority peoples of Ecuador.


BLANTYRE, MALAWI – A Second Stream of Distribution

In 2014, Scott Hoge, a police officer in Aleda, TX, met Pastor Happy Gondwe on a missions trip to Malawi, Africa.  Pastor Gondwe leads Champions in Christ Ministries in the Blantye area of Malawi, where he currently oversees 14 churches.  He also assists and supports many others churches in the rural region around Blantyre.  After returning home, Scott began corresponding with and praying for Pastor Happy and his ministry.

Scott was able to raise funds to send some print Bibleback to Blantyre for the churches there.  However, Scott became aware that many of the people there could not read.

Scott reached out to us to help provide Audio Bible Players, not knowing that we were headed to Malawi ourselves with Audio Bibles for the village chiefs there. He asked us to bring a few to be handed-off for Pastor Gondwe to evaluate.

They proved to be very helpful, and Scott began raising support to send more.

In November, DBS loaded 55 Audio Bibles, which Scott shipped to Blantyre, Malawi for Pastor Happy to distribute.  They have been placed into the hands of Pastors and church leaders under Pastor Gondwe’s oversight. They were very thankful to receive them.

Scott is already praying about how to raise funds for many more, because the need is so great!

Date:  November, 2019 and ongoing
Participants:  Scott Hogue (Aleda, TX) and Pastor Happy Gondwe
Resources Distributed:  55 MegaVoice Audio Bible Players containing the full Bible and 43 Discipleship Lessons, all in the Chichewa (nya) language.

MALAWI AFRICA — DIGITAL BIBLES are equipping Chiefs to make disciples!

Since 2007, WoodsEdge Community Church (The Woodlands, TX) has labored to see a disciple-making movement birthed among the Chewa people in Malawi.  In 2013, after six years of prayer and training, God opened a door among the village chiefs, and they began to come to Christ and meet weekly to disciple one another. 

Today, it is estimated that close to 1600 chiefs gather weekly in village centers across that region for discipleship and encouragement.  A movement is truly underway!

Chiefs gather in small groups during training to discuss Bible passage.

In 2018, the Digital Bible Society partnered with WoodsEdge to provide several hundred Audio Bibles with the Chichewa New Testament, which were sent for the chiefs (who do not read) to listen to the scriptures.  But they needed more.

Over the last year, Digital Bible Society worked to help meet that need.  43 Discovery Bible Study lessons in Chichewa were recorded and prepared for a second and much larger distribution.  Funds were raised by WoodsEdge to place an Audio Bible into the hands of each believing chief, complete with the Chichewa Old Testament, New Testament, and Bible Study Lessons .

The goal:  to equip and commission every chief to take the hope of the Gospel to their own village, and see a church established.

In September of 2019, DBS accompanied WoodsEdge for the first phase of this distribution.  More than 550 chiefs received their own Audio Bible, and were commissioned to rise to the challenge of making disciples in their villages.

Senior level Chiefs praying over Audio Bibles before distribution.

Preparations are underway for the second distribution scheduled for early Summer, 2020, with a plan to distribute as many as 2,500 more Digital Audio Bibles into the hands of chiefs.

Watch this video, and pray for these chiefs (and hundreds more) as they live out the gospel and make disciples in their villages.


The Digital Bible Society has partnered with Pastor Mike Liga from Southern Philippines in his ministry among the tribal people of the Island.  Pastor Liga grew up in this separatist guerrilla infested region as a church planter’s kid. Pastor Liga’s dad started the first church in this area. Him and his dad continue to labor on behalf of these tribes in the south part of the Philippines.

Date: September 2-16, 2019
Participants: Pastor Mike Liga and 300 Pastors and church planters from different tribes
Resources Distributed:
    300 Cebuano (ceb) Bible Libraries
    100 Tagalog (tgl) Bible Libraries
    50 Tagabawa (bgs) Bible Libraries
    50 Davaoeno (daw) Gospel Stories with Cebuano (ceb) Bible Libraries
    50 Surigaonon (sgd) Gospel Stories with Cebuano (ceb) Bible Libraries
  Audio Bible Players (MegaVoice) –
    15 Cebuano (ceb) New Testaments
    15 Tagalog (tgl) New Testaments

From Pastor Mike Liga: “Thank you Digital Bible society for the digital bibles. We distributed them to Churches, Tribal conferences and Seminary equipping. As a result, 200 persons accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior watching the Jesus film through the Digital Bible SD Card that we showed during the Evangelistic film held in a two Rural town of Davao, Philippines. To God be the glory!”