A Mexican Woman’s Dream Becomes Reality: Audio Bibles for the Zapotec People

In a mountainous village nestled within Oaxaca, Mexico, lives Anayeli*, an elderly Zapotec woman whose heart has been captivated by the Word of God. 

Despite residing in Mexico, Anayeli only speaks Zapotec, one of over 150 indigenous languages used daily among  Oaxaca’s people groups, making it Mexico’s most culturally diverse state. Illiterate yet deeply devoted to her faith in Christ, for years Anayeli relied on her son Luis, who would faithfully read Scripture to her every night.

Yet, Anayeli harbored a growing concern as she realized her son would soon be leaving home, leaving her without this cherished time spent studying the Bible. Determined to maintain her connection to God’s Word, Anayeli sought a solution. She asked Luis to record her favorite Scriptures for her to listen to but found that this was not enough. She still hungered for more of God’s Word. That same night, Anayeli had a dream. In that dream, she saw a group of people coming to her home and bringing her a radio-like device containing the Word of God. 

The very next day, as Anayeli tended to her home, local missionaries arrived, bearing a precious gift: a solar-powered Audio Bible, filled with Scriptures in her native Zapotec. Overwhelmed with joy, Anayeli realized her dream had become reality! She promptly called Luis, bursting with excitement about the gift she had received.

Now, armed with her Audio Bible, Anayeli’s faith journey is continuing to flourish, enabling her to immerse herself in God’s Word not only at night but throughout each day. Her story mirrors the longing of many in Oaxaca who yearn for the Scriptures in their mother tongue.

You have the opportunity to play a part in spreading the transformative power of God’s Word to people throughout  Mexico. Your donation will bring the gift of God’s Word to women like Anayeli and others who are waiting for a way to connect with the Word of God in their native tongue. 

Give God’s Word to People Groups in Mexico: go.dbs.org/give

*Name changed for privacy & security reasons. Representative images used.