From Hindu Priesthood to Christian Church Planter: A Transformative Journey Through Faith and Audio Bibles

Raj was born into a prominent Nepalese family of high caste, destined to follow the path of a Hindu priest. Raj’s future was set—from the tender age of 8, he immersed himself in the study of Hindu Scriptures, delving into the vast pantheon of Hindu deities. His days were often spent at the temple, deeply engaged in worship. Yet, amidst this structured life, Raj sensed a profound void.

At 14, a life-altering motorcycle accident left Raj unconscious for a week, teetering between life and death. Miraculously, he awoke and embarked on a slow road to recovery, confined to bed rest. It was during this period, while looking at the images adorning his family’s living room, that Raj’s gaze fell upon a depiction that had previously escaped his notice—a figure of a bloodied man upon wooden beams. Intrigued, he turned to his mother, Prabhina, for an explanation.

Raj’s mother, Prabhina, was secretly a Christian and had previously experienced a miraculous healing upon committing her life to Christ. She knew that if she were to tell the family of her faith, she would surely be rejected and kicked out of the house. But courage filled Raj’s mother that day as her son asked her about the image of Jesus, her Savior on the wall. “He is the true living God,” she said.

This revelation sparked an insatiable curiosity within Raj. For the first time, through the testimony of his mother, he encountered a God who answered prayers. Despite the obvious risk of familial rejection, Raj began attending an underground church, seeking answers from the pastor after each service. Two years of introspection and learning culminated in Raj’s decision to commit his life to Jesus—a decision that filled the void he had felt throughout his religious upbringing. 

Today, alongside his wife, Raj serves as a church planter in Nepal, driven by a mission to bring the Word of God to diverse linguistic communities through Audio Bibles. His wife reflects, “We come from generations of people who hear things and learn.” This resonates deeply with Hindus, whose scriptures are traditionally passed down orally; the same way Raj learned the Hindu scriptures as a child.Audio Bibles not only honor this cultural heritage but, most importantly,   liberate listeners from the spiritual oppression that keeps them bound.

Join us in prayer as we lift up the ministry of Raj and his wife. Ask God to multiply the fruit of their work and that more Hindus would come to know Christ as they gain access to Audio Bibles. Lastly, pray for believers in Nepal, like Raj’s mother, to boldly declare the Good News as they are strengthened by God’s Word in their native tongue.

*Name changed for security reasons. Representative images used.