Mexico Makes History by Electing First Female President. Despite Increasing Violence, Women Find Hope in God’s Word.

Agustina, a resilient woman from Mexico, has navigated a difficult life marked by enduring an abusive marriage for many years. This challenging experience left her isolated, shouldering the responsibility of providing for her children single-handedly. Unfortunately, Agustina’s story is not unique among Mexican women.

In 2022, the INEGI (The National Institute of Statistics and Geography) reports that “more than 70% of the 50.5 million women in Mexico are said to experience some form of violence.” Alarmingly, violence against women and girls in Mexico has continued to increase, with seven in 10 reporting such experiences, as highlighted in a survey by Reuters, a UK based news agency.

However, amidst these troubling trends, there are changes happening within this Latin American nation. In June 2024, Mexico made history by electing its first female President, Claudia Sheinbaum, an environmental scientist.

Many women are hopeful that she will add momentum to the women’s rights movement. Still, there is a prevailing fear in Mexico that the president’s proposal “may only cover up the cancer and not truly diminish the threat against women in Mexico”, according to the National Public Radio media.

Sheinbaum’s ascent to power was not without challenges.

The 2024 elections marked a dark chapter in Mexico’s history, earning the grim title of “the bloodiest election cycles of recent times,” with more than 30 candidates assassinated, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the future of abused women in Mexico, one certainty remains—the powerful Word of God brings hope to the downcast.

Agustina’s own journey reflects this transformative power; after breaking free from her abusive marriage, she built a respected career as an educator. Yet, despite her outward success, she grappled with inner turmoil and loneliness.

In her 80’s, immobilized by age and failing health, Agustina received a Pearl Player Audio Bible. It was then that she discovered true hope and resilience, as the soothing words of Scripture uplifted and transformed her life.

This hope is not exclusive to Agustina but can extend to all Mexican women.

Join us in prayer for the women of Mexico. Ask God to work through Mexico’s new president, and to provide the necessary support and protection needed by marginalized women and oppressed communities throughout the nation.

Above all, pray for the women of Mexico to find comfort in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and  that, through His Word, they would get to know Him as their ultimate Defender.

For privacy, with the exception of Claudia Sheinbaum, names may have been subject to change throughout this article.