Believers in Africa Multiply with the Help of Audio Bibles Despite Persecution

Ayman* understood the significant risk this trip entailed. Having been transformed by the love of Christ, he had become an evangelist in his African nation. However, upon learning of his grandfather’s death, he knew he had to return to his hometown—a place where the community had rejected him and his family felt dishonored by his faith.

*Name changed for security reasons

With an estimated 50% of Africa’s population identifying as Muslim, the persecution faced by converts can be severe.

Despite these challenges, Ayman had a plan. He knew that the power of the Gospel far outweighed the potential consequences of his return. And he did not go back empty-handed. He carried eight micro SD cards containing the New Testament in his community’s native language. Ayman was confident that by hearing the Word of God, people in his community would turn to Christ. Although two individuals refused the Bibles, Ayman persisted, and eventually, six Muslims accepted the gift.

By the grace of God, two weeks after safely returning from his hometown, Ayman received the joyous news that eighteen Muslims had decided to follow Jesus
after hearing the Word of God!

What a joy it was for Ayman to hear the news! Finally, his community had more
believers like himself. And this was only the beginning. These new Christians are
now being discipled in the local church and will have the opportunity to follow
Ayman’s example, living out their lives for the sake of the Gospel.

You have the opportunity to support evangelists like Ayman by providing resources that promise an immeasurable harvest. In regions where embracing Christianity often means risking everything, these tools are indispensable for the flourishing of the Church.

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