Audio Bibles Bring Down Educational Barriers: Connecting Mongolian Communities to the Word of God 

Near Mongolia’s bustling capital city of Ulaanbaatar, you will find a devoted missionary named Atlan*. Atlan spends his time in the quieter regions of Mongolia, among the vast and rugged mountainous terrain. His mission field is to the farmers and cattlemen living in the outskirts of the capital; regions that are not easily accessible.

The people in this area have been nomads for generations. Most of them only have up to a fourth-grade education, leaving them illiterate or with poor reading comprehension. This has led to barriers in their ability to grow in Christ since the Scriptures have been available to them primarily in written form. This is now changing. With the help of Audio Bibles, Atlan has begun to share the Word of God with the farmers and cattlemen in their own native tongue of Khalka Mongolian.

These digital Bibles are granting the farmers the ability to listen to the Word of God as they do their work and allow the cattlemen to take in the good news of the Gospel all day long as they tend to their livestock.

Batbayar* is a local church-planter. Like Atlan, Batbayar spends his time investing in the impoverished Mongolian communities who would have no other way of engaging with God’s Word were it not for audio Bibles . Both men see the importance of the resources within Mongolia. 

 “God’s Word must be spread and [made] accessible to everyone! [These] Audio Bibles [are] very practical and small so you can fit [them] into your pocket and take [them] with you everywhere.”

– Batbayar

Batbayar is adamant about the fact that faith in Jesus comes through hearing God’s Word. He shares the Gospel and gifts Audio Bibles to local believers and seekers in homes for the elderly, student dormitories, prisons, and even in communes for people with addictions. The people Batbayar ministers to now have access to God’s Word and the Gospel in their own native tongue! 

It is only the beginning of this amazing work. With Audio Bibles, educational shortfall is no longer a barrier for God’s Word to be heard in Mongolia. With your continued support, more and more Mongolians will have the opportunity to hear the Bible in their language and form a relationship with their Creator who loves them and wants to speak to them through His Word.