God’s Word to the Homeless

You can be part of giving God’s Word to the homeless by sponsoring Pearl Player Audio Bibles at $25 each

Now through July 1st, your donation will help people like Gaby*, a single mother who struggles to keep a roof over her head because of the impact of years of physical abuse. With a solar-powered audio Bible of her own, Gaby will have the opportunity to fill her heart with the truth of God’s love.

Your contribution will also mean that Gaby’s daughter will grow up knowing that–despite the hardships of life– God is our refuge.

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A different kind of homeless.

Refugees have often been displaced by violent conflict and find themselves without a roof over their heads.

Among these refugees is Sara, a little girl from Colombia who has been walking beside her family for months. She hopes to find a home where her parents do not face daily death threats, and where cartel activity and sex trafficking are not constantly at her door.

Sara needs God’s Word, in her heart language, and in an easy-to-carry format, to strengthen her young heart as she faces life’s great adversities.

This project is dedicated to providing audio Bibles to those struggling with poverty and homelessness. Please check back here for updates and stories on God’s Word to the Homeless.

*Name changed for privacy

For more information, please email [email protected] and reference God’s Word to the Homeless.






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