From Darkness to Light: The Inspirational Journey of Esteban, the Blind Musician from Cuba Spreading Hope with God’s Word

Esteban* entered the world, shrouded in darkness, born blind amidst the sweltering heat of a tropical climate and the bustling chaos of an overcrowded hospital. The Spanish phrase for “to give birth” is “dar a luz,” literally translating to “given to light,” yet it would take nearly a lifetime for Esteban to truly grasp what it means to walk in the light. Until then, his world would be limited to the sensations his nimble fingers could discern and the rhythms of life within his community, where the government’s unyielding grip was as relentless as the scorching summer sun.

To most, exploring the world through these senses might seem like a limitation, but Esteban regarded it as a rare gift. He harnessed these heightened senses to immerse himself in the world of music, becoming an adept musician who could feel the music’s soul beneath his fingertips and hear its heart in the melodies that enveloped him. As he grew older, he joined a quartet and embarked on journeys to nearby towns, carving out a modest living through the harmonious notes he and his companions created.

In a society devoid of hope, where Communist ideology resounded through every radio and television channel, their homemade music provided a semblance of solace. Yet, beneath it all, Esteban couldn’t escape the reality of his condition – he was a blind man, spreading joy to people who lived lives just as blindly, without the hope of the Gospel.

But change was on the horizon. Several years after Esteban had joined the quartet, one of his fellow musicians returned from a visit to a local church, carrying a new tune, a message of hope that transcended the self-gratifying lifestyle of parties and song. He had discovered Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Gradually, through the unwavering faith of this friend, Esteban began to believe. His spiritual eyes began to open, and he started to see the light.

Many years have passed since that transformative moment when Esteban surrendered his life to Christ. He has since married and become a father. However, what truly distinguishes him in his community is his remarkable ability to convey the Word of God.

Esteban never had the opportunity to learn how to read; the educational system simply did not accommodate his condition. Nevertheless, Esteban possessed a keen ear. He listened to the Scriptures, committing their verses to memory much like he would memorize the cadence of a song. Among the quartet members, he emerged as the most devoted follower of Jesus Christ and was recognized as an exceptional preacher. Yet, acquiring access to the spoken Word of God remained an arduous challenge for Esteban.

At one point, he had obtained an audio Bible, but it had eventually succumbed to wear and tear. For years, he had been deprived of the ability to engage with the Bible independently. That is, until he received a Pearl Player Audio Bible.

The pastor of Esteban’s church and a longtime friend, knew Esteban should be the first to receive one of these precious devices when the shipment of Pearl Players arrived. “He clutched that Audio Bible so tightly, almost squeezing it, his face radiating with joy.”, shared Esteban’s pastor.

A Woman from Esteban’s Church in Latin America Holds a Pearl Player Audio Bible

Esteban’s faith has grown immeasurably. Just as he once traversed the streets, creating music to help people briefly forget their cares and dream of a brighter tomorrow, he now journeys through those same streets, proclaiming the Word of God. Armed with his Pearl Player Audio Bible, he echoes a message of hope for entire communities to hear. Despite the physical darkness that has enveloped his life from birth, Esteban is a man who has been born again into a spiritual light more brilliant than any summer sun.

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