From Battlefields to Blessings: How A Family From Myanmar (Burma) Found Hope Amidst Chaos

Kasem* and his family found themselves in a dire situation, severely injured amid the crossfire of battles that often erupted at the frontlines of their village. He knew he needed to protect his wife and two children, but medical supplies were scarce in that area. Fortunately, they received assistance from compassionate friends and neighbors, guiding them to Juniper Church* in a country outside their homeland. Here, our partners had joined forces with a pastor from the prominent tribe. This pastor had transformed his church into a safe haven for wounded refugees seeking medical treatment and recovery. For weeks to months, Kasem and his family would find refuge here before returning to their war-torn nation.

During their stay at the church, the family was invited to a small evening gathering centered around the study of the Bible. Kasem had been raised with animist beliefs which conflicted with the Christian concepts he had encountered. However, touched by the kindness and care they had received, Kasem’s family accepted the invitation.

The devotional was led by Jennifer*, a dedicated missionary with extensive service in the area. One decisive evening, she emphasized the significance of God’s Word and inquired who among them desired a Bible. To Jennifer’s amazement, numerous hands were raised, a clear testament to the deep hunger for the Bible among a wounded and searching people. Among those hands was Kasem, who, since his first Bible study, had been asking questions and developing a newfound determination to discover the truth about God.

That night, Jennifer distributed various Pearl Player Audio Bibles. While most recipients were already Christians, six of them were not. Two were young girls eager to explore the faith, while the others included Kasem and his family. Kasem and his family will eventually return to their country to pick up the pieces of their lives. While their physical health will be restored thanks to the care they received, the emotional scars and uncertainty that lie ahead are undeniably challenging. However, they now carry God’s Word in their heart language, a source of strength for the journey that awaits them. His Word never returns empty, and we can confidently believe that it will sustain them, offering them a spiritual safe haven outside of Juniper Church, even amidst the trials of war.

*To protect our friends and partners, identifying details throughout this report may have been subject to change where noted. Representative images may have also been used. We appreciate your collaboration as we work to ensure the safety of our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world.






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