From Desperation to Devotion in West Africa: Esther’s Incredible Journey of Faith and Healing

At the tender age of 12, Esther found herself in a state of profound weakness, barely able to function. Desperation led her parents to exhaust their savings on a witch doctor in pursuit of her healing, yet their efforts bore no fruit.

One day, a glimmer of hope came from the local church. The sound of Christians worshipping reached her ears, and as she listened, a newfound faith began to take root within her. Simply sitting outside and absorbing the sounds of the church gathering infused Esther with the belief that she could be healed. Filled with this newfound faith, she ventured inside the church to request the pastor’s prayers for her recovery, a request that was granted. Through the pastor’s heartfelt prayers, Esther experienced a miraculous healing.

When Esther celebrated her 13th birthday, she made a life-altering decision: she wanted to embrace Christianity and undergo baptism. However, her parents would not have it. They declared that if she chose this path, they would disown her and sever their care for her, offering a roof over her head and nothing more. Despite these dire consequences, Esther unwaveringly chose to follow Jesus and received baptism.

Facing sweltering temperatures and the need to sustain herself, Esther took on the daunting tasks of weaving baskets, chopping wood, and crafting charcoal. These laborious efforts were her means to secure the basic necessities of food, clothing, and education. Her parents, infuriated by her unwavering faith, resorted to employing the services of a witch doctor to cast curses upon her. They even left fetishes outside her door in the hoping they would lead to her death.

Esther’s journey of faith continued to flourish. She was baptized and became an integral part of the church worship team. Recognizing her leadership potential, the pastor provided her with opportunities to preach. By the age of 17, Esther grew in a love for sharing her faith. She embarked on starting a Bible study group, even without the ability to read and despite the unavailability of the Bible in her native language.

At the age of 19, a few local believers recorded Bible stories in Esther’s language. She acquired these Audio Bible stories and took the risk of listening to them at home. Her sister, in another room, joined in listening. Through the powerful Word of God, she too received faith and healing. Esther’s parents began to take notice and were captivated by what they heard.

“To our knowledge they haven’t become Christians. Her father said that the recordings were a special gift. He just recognized them as something really special that she should keep giving away, keep using.” – Missionary to West Africa

Esther now leads three evangelistic discipleship groups centered around the Bible. In these gatherings, participants listen to the stories and engage in discussions to understand and apply the teachings to their lives.

Under Esther’s leadership, a congregation of 47 individuals has blossomed, united by their faith. Despite the absence of the Bible in their language, Esther employs the Audio Bibles to guide and encourage them on their spiritual journey.






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