The Advisor To The President: A Story From Africa

Jeremy* came to Christ after being raised in a Muslim home. Over the years, he has helped distribute many Digital Bibles. In recent years, he has been sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Africa through Pearl Player Audio Bibles.

The air, thick with swirling sand, paints the atmosphere in gentle hues of brown. A few trees dot the horizon, standing tall in hopes of making it through the year. It rarely rains here, and yet life springs forth from the dust and heat.

In the midst of this, Jeremy, a fervent believer in Jesus Christ, travels down the dusty road to the house of his Muslim relative–a man of affluence and esteemed standing within the community. His name is Peter* and he works for the mayor of the city, the capital of this African nation.

Higher education and financial security make this relative different from the rest, and yet it is the relationship that Jeremy has built with Peter that allows Peter to accept a MicroSD Digital Bible with Biblical content in their native Arabic. Jeremy is stirred with surprise. It is not only Peter who will accept the gift; Peter’s friends want MicroSD’s too. With that, a seed was planted that day.

A year later, Jeremy returned to Peter’s house for a visit. It was a large house, large enough to fit seventeen men from the community. They sat on mats strewn across the floor as Jeremy slowly pulled an Audio Bible player out from his pocket. He turned on the player and the words of Jesus began to echo through the home and among the men. One among the Muslim attendees was none other than the advisor to the nation’s President—a man of unquestionable importance. The profound implications were unmistakable: a gathering of influential men, who held sway over the hearts and minds of their people, now found themselves captivated by the transformative power of Scripture. “Could I get an Audio Bible too?”, he asked Jeremy.

Two weeks later, Jeremy returned to Peter’s home. It had become a new sort of meeting place for those interested in knowing about the Bible. There, on the woven mats, sat the President’s Advisor waiting for Jeremy. Slowly lowering his weight onto the floor, Jeremy again reached into his pocket and pulled forth the player. The President’s Advisor took the player in his hands. Without missing a beat, he quickly asked, “Could you find me three more?”. A week later, Jeremy delivered the Bibles. The seed had not only sprouted–it was growing strong.

*Names throughout this article have been changed for security reasons. Representative images have been used.






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