Distribution:600 Audio Bible Players for Discipleship and Evangelism
Funding Total:$19,000

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 1-1-002A to support this project.

Despite government efforts to increase literacy throughout Nepal, the Chepang people group remain mostly illiterate and are considered the poorest of an already impoverished country. Many of them live in caves within rural jungle areas bordering Madesh Pradesh, the most densely populated Nepalese district and home to another indigenous tribe with the lowest rates of education, the Bhojpuri. Christians constitute only 0.2% of the population in these areas and face brutal persecution.

The corruption of anti-conversion laws established in 2015 have sent many Christians to prison for sharing their faith. Government propaganda makes the Nepalese people believe Christianity is a Western religion that threatens their cultural values. This is compounded by the culture’s emphasis on caste and family allegiance. Nepalese Christians face severe risks when sharing their faith and new believers are often expelled from their family and tribe.

They are in desperate need of the gift of audio Bibles in their native languages. These audio Bibles will help them learn to walk with Jesus as they face daily harassment and risk unjust incarceration.

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 1-1-002A to support this project or to find out more.

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