Digital Bibles Show Muslim Youth Hunger For The Bible

Our partners’ plan was simple but effective. At a yearly festival, they would give attendees Digital Bibles and share the Gospel. In a country high on the World Watch list, where believers are spied upon, incarcerated, and even killed for sharing their faith, this was no easy task. Yet, Yusef and his team were ready to take on the call to make disciples and share the Word of God. This is why we were happy to send them 8,000 Digital Bibles in the form of MicroSDS loaded with hundreds of hours of Biblical content in the language of the people they would serve.

They went into the crowded festival streets and approached people, offering them the Biblical resources. When they saw a family walking along the street, they would approach them and begin to ask them questions about the Bible. They called it a “contest” and saw that people were willing to talk about the Bible. Even after the contest was over, the people would follow the team down the street, trying to answer more questions. It was proof of the hunger for God’s Word.

Seeking out families was working, but Yusef had a different idea for sharing the Digital Bibles. He sought out young men who would gather in alleyways and sit on street corners. Crouching down, he would speak to them eye-to-eye. Hundreds of young Muslim men heard the Gospel and were equipped with the Bible in their language.

I used to be one of them. I know where to find them because I know where they spend their time and the bad habits they follow.


“Pray for our follow up”, he added. People were already calling Yusef and his team, wanting to learn more about the Bible. They hope that as they continue these conversations, many will come to know Jesus as their Savior and grow in discipleship through the Digital Bibles.

Please note: To protect the privacy of all individuals in this story, we are unable to provide details on the location and actual names of individuals. No actual images have been used.






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