Details: At a yearly event held by the Coptic Church, attendees were given digital Bibles and presented with the Gospel.

Resources Distributed: 8,000 digital Bibles – microSDs loaded with hundreds of hours of Biblical material

The Coptic Church hosts a yearly festival in a monastery in North Africa. Thousands of people gather from across the country. Among these are Christians and Muslims – drawn to the event by religion, tradition, or business. The streets are crowded with people, providing the perfect conditions for the safe exchange of goods and conversation.

Our partner team was given permission to join a Charismatic Convention’s program, held within the festival grounds over a span of two days. Under the tent set up by the convention, they prayed, sang, and held services from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Here, many were prayed over and healed. On the last day of their time with the convention, our partners gave the attendees digital Bibles in the form of micro-SD cards. The people were taught how to use the digital Bibles. Many elderly people were interested in learning and receiving the resource. Parents were also very grateful to receive a tool to help their children learn about the Bible.

In the evenings, the team went into the crowded festival streets and approached people, offering them the Biblical resources. This went on for a total of five days. At first, the team had the idea of sharing the Bibles freely, with anyone who would take them. They soon realized that people were taking them without really knowing what they were receiving. They changed their strategy and began approaching families.

When they saw a family walking along the street, they would approach them and begin to ask them questions about the Bible. They called it a “contest” and saw that people became very eager to talk about the Bible. It provided a means to enter conversations, and then give the families resources that would allow them to learn more on their own.

At some points, the people were so eager to participate that even after the contest was over, they would follow the team down the street, trying to answer more questions. It was proof that people are ready to not only receive the Bible but also be challenged to God’s Word.

Please note: To protect the privacy of all individuals in this story, we are unable to provide details on the location. No actual images have been used.

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