The Clinic Began to Sink: A Story From The Amazon

T.J. was at a men’s gathering when he casually mentioned his upcoming trip to visit the Kanamari people of Venezuela and Brazil’s Amazon. Little did he know that he was speaking with a member of Digital Bible Society. Not long after this providential meeting, T.J. was fully equipped with Audio Bibles in various languages, including Kanamari.

Pushing through vines and thick bush, he carried with him three Village Players, Audio Bibles loud enough for an entire village to hear God’s Word, and three Pearl Players, Audio Bibles designed for ease of use and powered by the sun’s rays – the perfect tool for an indigenous person to study the Bible.

Accompanied by a medical team from a church in Texas, T.J. began the journey to various indigenous villages via river boat. Upon their arrival, they began to set up for the clinic. Hundreds of people had heard about the team and many were coming from neighboring villages to receive care.

Many missionaries have been kicked out of the Amazon, with indigenous leaders lobbying for their expulsion. However, the clinic was outside of these restricted areas, allowing people from many tribal groups to gather. Among them were several families from the Kanamari tribe.

The heat beating down on the clinic and the humidity of the rainforest left T.J.’s skin moist with perspiration. The clinic was buzzing and people were beginning to grow impatient. This was when he remembered the Audio Bibles.

In the middle of the floating clinic, which was nothing more than a large wooden boat, T.J. pulled out a Village Player and began to play Bible stories in the Kanamari language.

One Kanamari family had a little girl with them. Breezing through the tension around her, the little girl walked up to T.J. and pointed to the Village Player. She grinned and began to take delight in the stories being spoken in her language.

Soon, her family was also listening. More and more people began to enter the floating clinic to hear these amazing stories told in their native tongue. Suddenly, the clinic began to sink from the weight of the people! God’s Word had broken the tension and brought joy to everyone there. T.J. took the Village Player outside and the Kanamari continued to listen to God’s Word on dry land.

The Audio Bibles drew the attention of a local leader. Through this, T.J. was able to share the Village and Pearl Audio Bible players with other Kanamari communities.

Hundreds of Kanamari can now listen to God’s Word in their language and continue to grow in their faith.






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