The Shuar people are an indigenous tribe living in the tropical rainforests,
lowlands, and savannas of Ecuador. Climate change and multinational
corporations have long posed a threat to the people of the Amazon rainforest.
Now, however, the region’s indigenous tribes face an even more immediate
danger: coronavirus. Local ministries serving the Shuar during this pandemic have
seen the need for Audio Bibles to strengthen the Shuar believers. These
communities are often illiterate, making Audio Bibles the only way for them to
engage with God’s Word.

Digital Bible Society, in partnership with the Latin American Evangelical Bible
Alliance (ABEL), will provide Digital Audio Bibles for Christian workers laboring
among the Shuar. These Solar powered Audio Bibles will be hand delivered to
believers living in the remote Shuar villages of Ecuador. They will be strengthened
to hope in God and continue following Christ.

Total Funding Needed: $3,100.00

Estimated Impact: 100 Audio Bibles enabling 1,000+ indigenous people to engage in the truths of God’s Word

Travel Costs: $500
Follow Up Costs: $100
Funding (Total) $3,100.00

Please email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 2106-Shua-01 to help us fund this distribution.

We invite you to watch the video below to learn more about our partners and the work being done among the Shuar.

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