There is revival taking place in the Amazon basin. Many people are coming to the Lord. Most of them are illiterate and unable to engage with God’s written Word. Many pastors have been murdered by guerillas and drug traffickers who use the Amazon river for trade routes. Many other pastors have died of complications resulting from COVID-19. This has left many villages void of someone who can disciple these new believers on a regular basis.

Jaime and Lori Useche of Amazon Ministries International have been working to raise up new leaders among the indigenous tribes. These efforts have been difficult because many of the people cannot read nor engage with God’s printed Word. These new believers are left struggling to grow their faith amidst high persecution from organized crime and rejection from their own tribes.

Solar-powered audio Bibles are of urgent need in these areas. These audio players, loaded with God’s Living Word, will train believers and strengthen the evangelistic efforts in Colombia’s Amazon. The hearts of Amazon’s indigenous people are ready for the Gospel to take root in their hearts, but they need access to the Bible spoken in their language for this to happen.

Total Funding: $81,000.00

Media Costs: $75,000.00
Travel Costs: $4,000.00
Follow Up Costs: $2,000.00
Funding (Total) $81,000.00

Please email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 5-1-002 to help us fund this distribution.

We invite you to watch the video below to see the impact of previous distributions among indigenous Colombian tribes in the Amazon.

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