Delivery & Distribution Summary

Claudia and Diego were both born in Colombia and raised in the Catholic Church. They relocated to California five years ago. After the birth of their first child, they began to realize that they did not truly understand the Gospel. They had not grown up in churches that were scripture-based and where conviction was a common topic. Claudia began to read the Bible for herself and realized they needed to make a change. God opened their eyes and they began a slow process of living according to what they were learning in God’s Word. 

Claudia and Diego purchased an audio Bible through our website in September of 2020. They later reached out to our team with the idea of purchasing players for distribution among the homeless in their city. Prior to this, Claudia and Diego would spend the holiday seasons throwing parties, but this all changed when they began to understand the importance of God’s Word. For the past 4 years, they have spent their holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s) taking blankets and sweaters to the homeless around Ontario, California. 

As their family did this, they realized that the homeless did not prefer a hard-copy Bible that was heavy to carry around and that they were often embarrassed to be seen with a Bible. After purchasing an audio Bible of their own in September 2020, they had an idea. They would place an audio Bible within the blankets they hand out to the homeless, allowing these people to enjoy God’s Word without the need to carry a heavy Bible, and without feeling embarrassed about carrying a copy of God’s Word. It is our hope that as they listen to God’s Word, they will believe in Jesus and not be ashamed of the Gospel, just as Paul wrote to the Romans. 

In December of 2020, the family began a tradition of including an audio Bible in each of their care packages. Claudio and Diego’s family’s commitment to spreading God’s Word does not stop at distributing audio Bibles. They have made use of the sweaters they hand out by imprinting Bible verses onto these with the hope that they will spark conversation between the homeless people. They desire for people to engage with God’s Word and truly understand the Gospel just as they did years ago. 

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