Distribution:1,000 Audio Bible Players for Discipleship and Evangelism
Target Date:August, 2023
Funding Total:$29,000

Email [email protected] and reference Project ID: 1-1-003A to fund this distribution.

After years of bombs going off on the streets and villages being raided by Maoist forces, Nepal ceased to be a Hindu kingdom in 2007. However, celebration quickly turned to fear as anti-conversion laws were put into effect. In recent years, this legislation has been corrupted by officials and led to the incarceration of both converts and those who spread the Gospel.

Government propaganda makes the Nepalese people believe Christianity is a Western religion that threatens their cultural values. This is compounded by the culture’s emphasis on caste and family allegiance. Nepalese Christians face severe risks when sharing their faith and new believers are often expelled from their family and tribe. Many have been unfairly convicted and sent to prison for sharing their faith.

Despite the risks, Nepal has one of the fastest growing Christian populations in the world. The desperation of having survived years of violent political turmoil and catastrophic earthquakes in 2015 have softened the Nepalese people’s heart for the Gospel. Even so, nearly half of the country’s population is illiterate and unable to engage with the Word of God in printed form. They need audio Bibles in their native language to fully understand the Gospel of Jesus and learn to walk with him as they face daily harassment and risk unjust incarceration for their faith.

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