Place & Countries Involved: Various villages in Venezuela’s Amazon

Details: Our partners began a missionary training base in the Venezuelan state of Bolivar, on the borders of the Amazon rainforest. They were sent Audio Bibles and Bible Libraries loaded onto micro SDs for a scouting and outreach trip to various indigenous villages in their region.

Resources Distributed: 5 Audio Bibles & 21 Bible libraries

Goals of Distribution: Our partners feel called to serve the Venezuelan people and bring hope through the teaching of the Bible. The goal of this first trip was to meet the people and assess the needs. The audio Bibles served as an entryway and to build rapport with the indigenous groups.

Delivery & Distribution Summary: A team of eight missionaries set out to various villages in Venezuela’s Amazon on an exploratory trip to begin laying the groundwork for long-term work among indigenous groups in the area. These villages are deep in the jungle and the team had to travel by road, boat, and then walk several miles. In conversations with one of these missionaries, we heard three stories of how God used digital Bibles to minister to these people groups.


Among the villages visited was a Wotuja community. Entering this community was difficult because they are very mistrustful of outsiders. Fortunately, there was one believer in the community that was willing to serve as the translator and as a point of contact for them to begin a relationship with these people.

The team held services with the children in the village and performed skits based on Bible stories. The team had prepared by listening to the songs on the audio Bible players in the native language and learning them in order to sing to the kids. The children were surprised to hear these outsiders singing in their language!

At the end of the service, the team played portions of the Bible and asked the children to listen. The kids were amazed and sat in complete silence as they heard God’s Word in their language for the first time. Many of them chose to receive Christ as their Savior.


Upon entering another indigenous village, the missionaries heard of a woman who was the niece of a shaman. She had previously heard about Jesus and seemed interested.

Due to illness, she is losing her vision and the team knew that she would benefit from the audio Bibles. When they visited her, she began to weep and told them that she had been depressed for months and had cried out to God telling Him that she was hopeless and needed Him to intervene. The team presented her with a digital Bible and played it from speakers they had set up outside.

Due to her illness and losing her eyesight, this woman had not been able to read and desperately wanted to connect with God. When she heard the Bible in her language, tears flowed from her face. She decided to accept Jesus as her Savior because she knew in that moment that He is real and had answered her prayers. She said, “the digital Bibles were exactly what I needed”.

Indigenous Pastors

On the last leg of their trip, the team held a service for indigenous pastors in the area. This was a very special opportunity since many of the pastors did not have Bibles in the language of their congregation. At this service, they were given an audio Bible they could use to minister to their communities. The pastors were greatly encouraged by this gift and by a time of fellowship with other pastors in the area. Despite being from different tribes, the pastors were strengthened to continue serving in their local churches in the Amazon rainforest of Venezuela.

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