Date: September 2021

Place & Countries Involved: Kaï, a city in Southern Mali

Distribution Partners: Oscar and Miriam, Frontiers missionaries to Mali for over 25 years

Details: Oscar and Miriam minister to many villages around Kaï, specifically partnering with a government-run elementary school. They work with other missionaries to the area and have built a relationship with Samaritan’s Purse in Mali.

Resources Distributed: 9 Audio Bibles, 45 Bible Libraries (French (fra), Bambara (bam), Khassonke (kao), Malinke, Soninke (snk) and Pular)

Goals of Distribution: This distribution was the first step in introducing Oscar and Miriam’s ministry to DBS. Our hope is that as we see the impact of the audio Bibles, we will be able to gather support for a large distribution to Mali.

Delivery & Distribution Summary: Oscar and Miriam visited our DBS office while in the Houston-Conroe area. Our staff met with them to explain how the digital Bibles are used. Since this was the first time that Oscar and Miriam encountered these digital tools, they were delighted and excited to take them back to the children they minister to in Mali.

The elementary school where Oscar and Miriam teach serves as a great opportunity to share the Word of God. Children were given digital Bibles to share with their family, in the hope that the entire home would hear the truth found in Scripture and turn to Christ.

Oscar shared with DBS staff about a man named Phillipe Kuma from the Khassonke tribe. Phillipe is a friend of Oscar’s and was given an audio Bible that he now uses to share the stories of Jesus with his Khassonke friends. They gather together and hear the Word of God in their language. Phillipe was very grateful for this gift and is committed to sharing the Gospel with his “comarades”, as he said in his Malian French.

In conversations with Oscar upon his return to Mali, he explained the urgent need for digital Bibles. Mali faced a coup d’état in 2012, and again in 2020, that has resulted in much uncertainty, specifically for Christian communities. The political unrest weighs heavy on believers who are facing persecution.

The government’s ties with Russia and China threaten to shut down all missionary activities in the country. In addition, Islamic extremism has resulted in broken ties between Muslim, Catholic, and Christian communities. A once peaceful rapport between them has turned into a hostile exchange.

Many missionaries are being called back to their countries. However, Oscar and Miriam remain committed to the mission in Mali. They see the great need for God’s Word to truly transform the lives of the Malians. Many people they have ministered to claim Christ as their Savior but do not know how to follow Him nor how to live lives according to His Word.

Oscar and Miriam shared with DBS the great impact that the digital Bibles, specifically audio Bibles, have had on this primarily rural community. Although the national language is French, many cannot read in French, much less understand complex concepts in the French language. The ability to hear God’s Word in their native tongue is making a way for them to follow Christ and hold to His teachings amidst turmoil and political unrest.

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