Mazatlán – Part of 16,500 Print Bibles for Mexico

Countries Involved: Mexico

Products Distributed: 3,400 Spanish Print Bibles

Details: Our partners received Bibles to distribute as part of their ongoing Bibles for Mexico program. These Bibles are often distributed among poor communities and indigenous believers who are victims of religious persecution.

Bibles being prepared for distribution upon arrival in Mexico by YWAM Mazatlán staff

Goals of Distribution: “Bibles for Mexico is a project supported by Youth with a Mission Mexico that seeks to eradicate Bible poverty in the country, meaning seeing every person have access to the word of God. To do this, we implement distribution programs that allow us to put a Bible in every home in collaboration with volunteers from other organizations, families, churches, etc. – both nationals and foreigners. The first stage is taking place in the city of Mazatlán. The vision is to place a copy of the Bible in every household in the city, then distribute into other cities within our state of Sinaloa, and move on to other states until every home in Mexico has the word of God.” For more information, please visit:


This is a story shared with us by YWAM Mazatlán staff members. “One day, during a time of Bible distribution, some of our team members knocked on a door of a house and a little boy answered. They told him that they had brought him a special gift from God, a Bible. The little boy, so excited, shouted for his mother to come quickly. When the mother arrived, the little boy explained what happened.

The mother, with tears in her eyes, then told the team that her son had been going to Sunday school and had been asking for a Bible of his own for weeks. She had told him many times that she didn’t have the money to buy him a Bible and that if he wanted one he would have to ask his God to give him one. She witnessed, that day, the Lord answering her little boy’s prayer. The mother was so touched, she asked to hear more about her son’s God. She gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ that day and now, enjoys the beautiful gift of the Bible with her son.”






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