MAZATLÁN, MEXICO — A Bible In Every Home

In early March, DBS traveled to Mazatlán, Mexico to accompany a group of YWAM missionaries and students distributing Bibles in a local neighborhood. Knocking on each door and asking if they would want to receive a free Bible, there were many opportunities for prayer and Gospel sharing with the people.

Victor was reached for Christ.

One team shared with Victor, who recently moved to Mazatlán from his native Guadalajara. Victor received a digital Bible with joy and shared how, although he was going through a hard time, he knew God would help him.  Even though Victor believed in God, he did not fully understand what Jesus had done for him on the cross.  After hearing a clear presentation of the gospel, Victor prayer to surrender his life to Christ.  

Local believers will continue to meet Victor and help him engage with the Word of God so he can grow in his newfound faith.

Digital Bible Society has been partnering with YWAM Mazatlán in a project called Biblias para Mexico (Bibles for Mexico). The vision is to see a Bible in every home in Mexico so that each household has access to the eternal words of God. Although Mexico, as a country, has access to the Bible, most people do not take the initiative to seek the Scriptures for themselves. Biblias para Mexico mobilizes the local body of Christ to share the Scriptures in their own neighborhoods and to seek opportunities for prayer and further engagement.

YWAM Mazatlán – Prayer and worship in preparation for outreach.

Juan Carlos, founder and catalyst of the project, says: “Reading and engaging with the Bible changed my life and outlook on life. Starting in my city, I want to see that all of Mexico has the opportunity that I had of reading the Bible and being set free by the power of the Gospel”

So far, Biblias para Mexico project has seen 39,454 printed Bibles shared in about 60 of the local neighborhoods. They also have begun to distribute MicroSDs loaded with Spanish Treasures Libraries. These libraries include text Bibles, commentaries and books, as well as audio Bibles, Bible Films, and more. During the yearly local Carnival, Biblias para Mexico gives away free coffee and these Spanish Treasure Libraries. They also gift these digital Bibles to students.

Dark areas represent neighborhoods covered with the Bible.

“Having a Bible in each home is an aspect of justice, having the Word of God is a given right for all people” says Juan Carlos. Biblias para Mexico seeks to ensure that all families in the country of Mexico have first-hand access to the Word of God in their own language.

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