ASSAM, INDIA – Digital Bible Resources for Pastors

14 years ago, a Houston area pastor formed a mentoring relationship with an India man from the state of Assam.  He encouraged and supported this man as he planted a church in that region.

Through faithful prayer and labor, the Word of God has multiplied, and there are now 85 house churches that are led by an organic network of church planters — all of them under the mentoring  of the Texas pastor (name and picture not published for his safety), who travels twice a year to India to encourage and support them in their work.

In December of 2019, he went to India bearing gifts of digital Bible resources… over 100 Bible Libraries representing four languages: Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, and Rajbongshi.  Each of these libraries contained text, audio and video Bible content that was loaded onto MicroSDs and USB flash drives to be accessed on smart phones, tablets or computers.

These libraries included the new LUMO video series, which presents all four Gospels with word for-word scriptures.  These films were produced specifically for the propose of making a high quality resource that is easily translated into the languages of the world.

Date:  December, 2019
Resources Distributed:
37 Hindi Library w/ HindiLUMO
36 Bengali Library w/ Bengali LUMO
17 Assamese Libraries w/LUMO
  8 Rajbongshi w/ Bengal LUMO and GRN Stories

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