The Digital Bible Society has partnered with Pastor Mike Liga from Southern Philippines in his ministry among the tribal people of the Island.  Pastor Liga grew up in this separatist guerrilla infested region as a church planter’s kid. Pastor Liga’s dad started the first church in this area. Him and his dad continue to labor on behalf of these tribes in the south part of the Philippines.

Date: September 2-16, 2019
Participants: Pastor Mike Liga and 300 Pastors and church planters from different tribes
Resources Distributed:
    300 Cebuano (ceb) Bible Libraries
    100 Tagalog (tgl) Bible Libraries
    50 Tagabawa (bgs) Bible Libraries
    50 Davaoeno (daw) Gospel Stories with Cebuano (ceb) Bible Libraries
    50 Surigaonon (sgd) Gospel Stories with Cebuano (ceb) Bible Libraries
  Audio Bible Players (MegaVoice) –
    15 Cebuano (ceb) New Testaments
    15 Tagalog (tgl) New Testaments

From Pastor Mike Liga: “Thank you Digital Bible society for the digital bibles. We distributed them to Churches, Tribal conferences and Seminary equipping. As a result, 200 persons accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior watching the Jesus film through the Digital Bible SD Card that we showed during the Evangelistic film held in a two Rural town of Davao, Philippines. To God be the glory!”





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