Luis Daniel Testimony, Work among the Shuar Community

By Santiago Bustos

Meet Luis Daniel. He lives in Shimpis, a community of the Santiago Morona Province located in the Amazon region of Ecuador, approximately four hours from Shell.

In our visit to that community, in coordination with the local leader, we shared the message of the Word of God, and also brought non-perishable food and clothing for the people. This door opened for us to share the gospel after several visits in a period of 3 months.

Shimpis is in the middle of the jungle and approximately 80 people live here. When arriving at this community, you can see their huts are made of bamboo with straw rooftops. As we walked into the community, we observed a hut in the middle. This hut was being built as the meeting place for the believers in Christ! It is amazing to see how the message of Christ is moving forward in the middle of the jungle!

We quickly prepared the space for a special meeting called by our new friend, the indigenous leader of this Shuar community. The program was to welcome each person from the community, to sing songs in their native language, and to share the message of the Word of God in the Shuar language by means of an Audio Player (Megavoice). We would play one chapter and then dialogue with them, eat with them and invite them to be part of a discipleship process in the following weeks. While the leader’s family sang praises to the Lord, people began to arrive. I was welcoming people at the door and saw an old woman approaching. With her was a boy, her grandson Luis Daniel. She asked if they could participate in the meeting, and were gladly welcomed. When they came in, the woman whispered in my ear telling me that her grandson was blind from birth but that he could understand everything.

I started to wonder if the program we were doing would have any results for this blind child? The response came when we turned on the audio device and played the Bible in his native language. Luis Daniel sat up in his seat and his face changed, although he could not see physically, he started to see with his spiritual eyes! He heard about what Christ came to do for us! It was wonderful to look at his face filled with hope, it was clear that his face showed what was happening in his heart. At the end of the meeting, Luis received Christ in his heart. Today, Luis Daniel and his grandmother are part of the Bible study group in that community.

Stories like this is what motivates us to continue bringing the Word of God and its transforming power to places where it has not been heard in the language of the people. We praise God for His work in the lives of Luis Daniel and his Grandmother. We thank God for all those who are a part of the Latin American People Groups Project. Your prayers and support are being used by God to see people like Luis Daniel find hope in the Word of God.

For the glory of God,

Santiago Bustos for Digital Bible Society and ABEL

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